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Bryan Anthony

Sound Healing, Shamanic Journeying, Mantra and Musical Meditation

Sound Healing/Therapy is an ancient art that has been practiced for ages by people all over the world. When utilized with intention and focus, sound can bring the body, mind and spirit into deep levels of relaxation, insight and well-being. In this class we will explore several methods of receiving and creating sound through the use of both ancient and modern practices--all within a sacred container of compassion, acceptance, and understanding. Each week we will work with a specific intention that will allow us to focus our practice in a potent way. There is no level of experience or knowledge required, just arrive with a willingness to explore the new frontiers sound meditation can guide us to!

Bryan Anthony studied music at Humboldt State University and is a certified Sound and Vibrational Healing practitioner through the Tama-Do Academy of Sound, Color and Movement. He has also been initiated into the practices of Sanskrit Mantra and Shamanic Journeying. Bryan's intention as a facilitator of sound and music therapy is to re-introduce our society to practices that were once common place and have immense healing potential. Through the use of simple easy-to-understand methods, he wishes to illustrate how anyone can access this potent healing tool and can have an enjoyable experience along the way!

Bryan can be reached at (530) 717-7963


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