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Olivia Jaks

My personal mantra is Wahe Guru, which can be translated as the indescribable ecstasy of being brought from darkness to light. This is what yoga has done for me, and it is what I hope to share with you! I first walked into a yoga class just looking to add to my fitness regimen. Instead, I discovered a whole new life. In yoga I found calm and grounding. Soon my yoga practice became a daily routine and priority. At the time I was working in the corporate world, but it soon became obvious that the corporate lifestyle was not a path that would bring me joy. Quite the opposite! So instead I devoted my life to yoga and healing. I now work as a clinical massage therapist and Kundalini Yoga practitioner. Now I have a daughter, and I see how my yoga practice benefits not just me, but also my family, as well as my relationships with friends and business associates. My goal is to bring yoga into every facet of my life - to not just "do" yoga, but to truly live yoga everyday. I'd love to bring the healing powers of yoga into your life as well.
Please contact me at 530-966-8484 or livjakswellness@gmail.com

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