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Workshops & Events

Overcoming Fear of Expression
with the Power of Your Voice
with Bryan Anthony

Saturday, August 26, 2017
1:00 - 5:00 p.m.

Your voice is one of the most powerful and influential tools that you were given at birth. It can be used to speak your compassion to loved ones, to communicate clearly your boundaries and desires to others, to bring healing to your body and mind, and to vibrate joyfully with the song of your soul. Unfortunately, the vast majority of us carry around stories and doubtful programming we gained over time that told us our voice should only be used in certain acceptable scenarios--in small and limited ways--or else there would be some kind of consequence.

If you are like many others in our community, you may have fear holding you back from speaking your truth and feeling the joy of expressing yourself with strength and authenticity. This can feel very disempowering and may have you missing out on wonderful opportunities for growth and healing.

That being said, I have good news! Every person reading this can put an end to this cycle and step into their vocal power. It is possible to resolve the fear dynamics regarding self expression and to open your voice in such a way that it will bring greater power to your words, greater resonance with your creative self, and greater joy into your life--and you do not need any previous experience or skill to do so!

In this workshop you will learn:

1. Several breathing and vocal warm-up exercises that expand and unlock the parts of the body that bring strength and clarity to vocal sound.

2. A life-changing technique utilized for dissolving fear dynamics built around self expression.

3. How to bring more courage, confidence and creativity into vocal expression and communication.

4. Three ancient vocal toning and mantra practices that turn the voice into a tool of healing and illumination.

Through fun experiential learning and engaging presentation, you will leave this workshop feeling inspired and ready to express yourself in ways that are empowering and in alignment with your true authentic self!

Are you ready to find the true power of your voice? I'm offering a special discount of $44 dollars for this 4-hour event. Prices will increase to $55 August 12th, so please visit this eventbrite link to get signed up.


PLEASE NOTE: $44 is the special rate RSVP that will last until August 12th at which point tickets will be $55, so please sign up before then for your $11 discount!

Meditation Mini-Retreat
led by Cheri Neal
September 1-10, 2017

6 a.m. - 7 a.m.

Explore meditation techniques, gain insight, attune your intuitive mind, access your inner silence.

Participants are encouraged to sign up for and commit to the entire 10 Day Mini-Retreat, as consistency is a crucial component of a successful meditaion practice.
For More information: www.CheriNealYoga.com

Advance Registration $65
At the Door $70
Drop In $10

Restorative Gong and Mantra
with Olivia Jaks

Ongoing Last Fridays 7:00 pm.
$15 pre-register
$20 at the door

Restorative Gong and Mantra begins with light Kundalini Yoga, followed by deep relaxation with a beautiful Paiste symphonic gong.

The gong is a reinforced vibration that impacts the entire body by releasing stress, unwinding nerves, and bringing the mind to total calm.

You’ll experience what the yogis say about the human body -- that it is, in fact, like a wonderful musical instrument constructed with meridians that allow an inflow of healing and energy to cascade into the body like a waterfall. Out of the Gong came all music, all sounds and all words

After the gong we use primal sounds (mantra) to remind us that the entire universe was built on sound, on vibration. As you vibrate a particular combination of sounds, you tune into a higher level of intelligence and consciousness

Mind Power Workshop
with Gayle Kimball, Ph.D.

Gayle's Bio

Monthly on first Saturdays
1:00-4:00 pm.

Author of Essential Energy Tools book, CDs and DVDs. At the Yoga Center of Chico, by the T Bar.
Kinesiology to balance the body and mind; practical visualizations to ground, center, achieve goals, protect. Introduction to clairvoyance, Emotional Freedom Technique acupressure tapping, and essential healing tools.
$25 includes a meditation CD if you RSVP. gkimball@csuchico.edu, 345-8118 www.gaylekimball.info for vita, www.gaylekimball.wordpress.com

Full Moon Restorative Yoga
with Cynthia Muskin

Cynthia's Bio

Sunday, October 1st
Sunday, October 22nd
Sunday, November 12th
Sunday, December 3rd

Join in a monthly two hour practice of Restorative Yoga. The event will focus on relaxation and stress reduction through
supine, supported poses that allow the body to open and stretch through gravity and the use of props. No previous yoga experience is necessary.
For more information contact Cynthia at 530-570-4743 or at cynthiamuskin@gmail.com. Fee is based on a sliding scale basis from $12 to $17. Admission at the door is $20.

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